LGBT Students tell it like it is

| May 31, 2012

To be out or not to be out, that is the question!

Many people may think that LGBT students entering the workforce have a much easier time of it than in years past. However, recent testimonials in the media have demonstrated that things may not be as simple as they appear. Some students even have a “LGBT CV” including their LGBT activities, and a “Non-LGBT CV” for potential employers whom they feel may not be as receptive to their homosexuality.

Workplace Pride, together with LGBT¬†students from a number of Dutch universities and educational institutions, have developed a survey that explores these very issue. Results of the survey will be announced at the 2012 Workplace Pride International Inclusion Conference to be held on 15 June at the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam, during the workshop entitled: “LGBT Students Entering the Workforce”.

The survey has already been distributed to LGBT student organizations around the country, but all LGBT students wishing to participate in the survey are welcome to do so by following the link below. Even if you are not a student, feel free to look at the survey to see what types of questions today’s LGBT students are faced with.

Click here to fill out the survey

For those interested in hearing the results of the survey (HR Professionals, Temp Agencies, Recruiters, etc.) click here for more information about the conference and how to register:

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