Conference notes now available

| June 25, 2012

Conference notes now available
Highlights of all workshops online
Looking back on a successful LGBT Inclusion Conference in Amsterdam, it is now time to look at some of the outcomes. Never before we had such a broad range of topics being addressed. Have a look at the interesting results of our 6th annual LGBT Inclusion Conference here.

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Workshop 1: Senior Sponsorship WP2012 Workshop 01 – Notes Senior sponsorshipFINAL

Workshop 2: Working in the Public Sector WP2012_Workshop_02_-_Working_in_the_Public_sector

Workshop 3:Building LGBT and non-LGBT Allies Across Organisations WP2012_Workshop_03_-_Building_LGBT_and_non-LGBT_Allies_Across_Organisations

Workshop 4: Leadership Development WP2012 Workshop 04 – Notes Leadership Development

Workshop 5: Leading Social Change WP2012 Workshop 05 – Leading Social Change

Workshop 6:Technically Gay WP2012_Workshop_06_-_Technically_Gay

Workshop 7: Connecting with the Shop Floor WP2012_Workshop_07_-_Connecting_with_the_Shop_Floor

Workshop 8: Transgender Leadership WP2012_Workshop_08_-_Transgender_Leadership

Workshop 9: L-Women at Work WP2012_Workshop_09_-_L-Women_at_work

Workshop 10: LGBT Students entering the workplace WP2012 Workshop 10 – LGBT Students entering workplace

Workshop 11: Creating a safe workplace for Bisexuals WP2012 Workshop 11 – Creating Safe Workplace for bisexuals




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