Best Theme Boat: Workplace Pride

| August 6, 2012

Workplace Pride has won the Best Theme Boat for the 2012 Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade! Highlighted by a giant inflatable Workplace Pride Logo, the boat sailed the canals of Amsterdam under the banner of “I can be myself at work”. Ten of Workplace Pride’s member organizations sponsored the boat in this year’s canal parade. LGBT and straight employees from sponsoring organizations performed a choreographed dance on the boat for the hundreds of thousands of supporters lining the canals.

Complementing Workplace Pride’s Boat was an ‘onshore’ program consisting of an Executive Lunch, Canal Parade Viewing, and a Closing Barbecue, held at the Pulitzer Hotel on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. These events were designed to bring together the Foundation’s many stakeholders; executives and their families, network members, straight allies and general supporters of the Foundation.

“These combined events were key in reaching all of those people who understand that being yourself at work as an LGBT person, is key to the happiness and success of employees and employers” said Arnoud Roijmans of KPN and Head of the Workplace Pride 2012 Canal Parade Task Force.

For more information on Workplace Pride, please write to:

Boat for Website

Irene Hemmelar, Exec. Dir. of ProGay present Best Theme Boat Trophy to David Pollard, Exec. Dir. of Workplace Pride

Boat Trophy

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