Being Trans at Work

| September 3, 2012

“Being Trans at Work” is the theme of the upcoming symposium being organized by Transgender Netwerk Nederland, and to be held in Dordrecht, The Netherlands on 25 and 26 October.

International research shows that transgender people are often unemployed or under-employed and socially isolated. Yet a 14-year study in the Netherlands shows that 42% of transgender people have a higher education as compared to 25% of the general working population. Why the discrepancy? What can be done to better integrate transgender people into the working world and what is the unique quality that so many transgender people bring to the workplace?

These and other questions, will be explored at the Symposium which will cover themes such as:

  • European legal environment for transgender people
  • Practical tips about better positioning of transgender people in the workplace
  • Creating a ‘game plan’ for greater acceptance of transgender people in the workplace

Workplace Pride is pleased to be an organizing partner of the event alongside three of its members: IBM, Accenture and Philips.

For more information regarding this ground breaking event see their website at:

Trans Symposium

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