Post Date: April 10, 2017

Staying up to date with the latest developments concerning LGBT workplace inclusion is a challenge for us all. News moves fast and we all need correct information quickly allowing us to make decisions.

With this in mind, Workplace Pride has updated its website to be to the clearer and easier to navigate. Highlights of the new site include:

  • All the Foundation’s activities are conveniently grouped under the “Our Work” tab
  • News articles, our newsletter, New Horizons Magazine, Social Media and Visual Media are now grouped under the “News” tab
  • As before, you can find a complete overview of upcoming Foundation activities under “Events”

Going forward, Workplace Pride members and partner organizations will be invited to provide news about their own activities for the site to help increase the reach and international reach of LGBT Workplace Inclusion.

If your organization would like to contribute new to Workplace Pride’s website, please write to: