History and Organization

Workplace Pride had its beginnings in 2006 when the LGBT employee networks of 4 multinationals cooperated on having the joint theme of “Personal Pride=Company Pride” displayed as banners on their individual boats in the Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade. The feeling of common purpose and the atmosphere of cooperation during the Pride led to the creation of the Company Pride Platform (CPP) in 2008.

While the CPP focused primarily on the private sector, over time its membership grew to include the public sector as well as many contacts with Academic and other NGO’s (Civil Society). In addition, through its membership and contacts, the CPP grew increasingly international over the years. In order to better reflect the needs of our Members and the scope of the organization, the Company Pride Platform was rebranded into Workplace Pride on 1 January 2012.

A non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam, Workplace Pride’s Members include the LGBT employee networks of both corporations and governmental organizations and, more recently, individual entrepreneurs and students. Funding for the Workplace Pride comes primarily from yearly fees paid by Members, while in-kind contributions in the form of venues, certain promotional material etc. come from Members as well. We also receive funding from some governmental agencies which is targeted to specific projects/activities.

Workplace Pride’s Foundation Board, Management Team and Task Forces members are all volunteers, while the Foundation Staff includes one Executive Director, an accountant and adhoc project managers. ‘Workplace Members’ have voting rights in the General Assembly while only the Foundation Board is financially and legally responsible for the Foundation.

For more information on Workplace Pride please write to: david@workplacepride.org

Our Members