Amsterdam: The world’s most LGBT+ inclusive and competitive city!

14 May 2020

Workplace Pride Foundation congratulates our member, the City of Amsterdam for scoring the highest in the Open for Business 2020 report on the world’s most competitive and inclusive LGBT+ cities. 

Open For Business, a coalition of global companies promoting LGBT+ inclusive societies, released their report today that contains a clear message for cities around the world: LGBT+ inclusion is a key ingredient in urban economic resilience and competitiveness.

New data in the report shows the connections between economic performance and LGBT+ inclusion in cities around the world, and indicates that LGBT+ inclusive cities may be more economically resilient. 

Data highlights the direct relationship between LGBT+ inclusion and a city’s GDP per capita, innovation potential, ability to attract talent, and quality of life. There are 16 top-tier AAA cities, or “Global Beacons”. Amsterdam received the highest score in the ratings and is celebrated as the world’s most inclusive and competitive city.

Of course this comes as no surprise to us here at Workplace Pride as we have worked closely with the city for more than 10 years to help promote LGBT inclusion in the workplace. 

We are so proud of our hometown! It has created such a fertile environment for cooperation between employers of all types, civil society, and the LGBT community.  Together, we have all helped to make this a beacon for many in the world! ”  

David Pollard, Exec. Director Workplace Pride. 


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