Workplace Pride Launches UN LGBTI Standards Toolkit

14 May 2020

Workplace Pride Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of our Toolkit for the United Nations Standards of LGBTI Business Conduct. This toolkit is designed as a one-stop-shop to help organisations implement the general principles outlined in the Standards of Conduct. It takes practical examples gathered from Workplace Pride member organisations, good practices from our Global Benchmark, as well as data from extensive interviews with practitioners to create a comprehensive guide to achieving greater LGBTI inclusion in the workplace

The toolkit was developed in conjunction with Workplace Pride’s Advisory Board member, Graham Sparks and was launched in episode five of the Foundation’s “Keeping Members Connected” webinar series. In the webinar, Graham sets the context and guides us through, in a step by step approach, how to use it, why the toolkit is practical for organisations, and how it can be leveraged by all types of employers. Most importantly, he demonstrates that this toolkit can also be used by LGBTI civil society organisations to interact with businesses and better understand how they can work collaboratively. 

While primarily designed for Workplace Pride members, who have access to a greater degree of toolkit material, the basic toolkit is publicly available and contains a wealth of information for all parties. 


Click here to view the Webinar: Launching of the Workplace Pride UN Standards of Conduct Toolkit

Click here to view the toolkit: Public version of the Workplace Pride UN Standards of Conduct Toolkit

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