Keeping the Rainbow flag flying

18 May 2020

Christiaan Rebergen and Mark van Enckevort raise the flag and the Ministry of Finance in The Hague 

On Friday the 15th of May, the rainbow flag was raised at government locations nationwide (as well as all Dutch Embassies around the world) to commemorate Sunday, May 17th, as International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT). 

Workplace Pride was at The Ministry of Finance in The Hague to attend the ceremony conducted by Christiaan Rebergen (Treasurer General of the Ministry of Finance) and Mark Van Enckevort (the new chair of Dutch Government Pride and chair of B/proud).

IDAHOT was declared on May 17th, 1990, when homosexuality was officially removed as a listed disease by the World Health Organization. The international IDAHOT committee has given IDAHOT 2020 the motto “Breaking the silence”. The Dutch IDAHOT platform has translated that into “Speak out”. Speaking up for solidarity with each other and opposing transphobia and homophobia.

“For the national government, this means that we consider an open working atmosphere and an inclusive, LGBTI + friendly working climate very important. We want everyone to be able and willing to be themselves in the workplace. This is an important condition for achieving results at work together in a relaxed manner. On this day we would like to emphasize that hatred and violence against LGBTI + people is unacceptable. Raising the rainbow flag symbolizes this.”

Christiaan Rebergen and Mark van Enckevort spoke with us about the importance and significance of IDAHOT for the Netherlands and beyond.

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