Trans re-integration in the workplace Webinar Recap

28 OCTOBER 2020

In our latest webinar in the Keeping Members Connected series, Workplace Pride hosted Petra van Dijk from Transwerkt Nederland along with Remke Verdegem of TNN (Transgender Network Nederland. We also had a guest dial in all the way from Argentina, Maryanne Lettieri of Contrata Trans.

Firstly, Petra introduced Transwerkt Nederland and explained what and how her organisation assists trans people with, at numerous stages of their working lives and careers. Unilever for example in the Netherlands is uniquely pioneering forward by having a gender transition policy. Such essential policies are something Petra is very passionate about going forward.

Remke talked about her work with TNN explaining some of the statistics around trans people in the Netherlands and how the binary generation is being succeeded by the “gender fluid” generation. 

Since both Transwerkt Nederland and TNN are based in the Netherlands, Maryanne from Contrata Trans brought an international focus on the issues of trans people in Argentina. Maryanne talked about socio-economic plight of trans people and how they are marginalised and are often forced through adversity into the sex industry there.

As always, we had a live international audience who contributed great questions to our fascinating panel!

Timestamps (click the red timestamp to jump straight to that part of the webinar)
Introduction by David Pollard

1:45 Panel introductions (Petra, Remke and Maryanne)

4:26 Petra van Dijk’s presentation (TWN)

10:46 Remke Verdegem’s presentation (TNN)

17:35 Maryanne Lettieri’s presentation (Contrata Trans Argentina)

27:55 Questions from David Pollard to the panel.

38:30 Q&A from the online audience

55:15 Closing words from David Pollard (upcoming webinars etc.)

To see the complete webinar click HERE