2021 Workplace Pride International Conference: Society at a Crossroads

We are pleased to announce that the registration for the 2021 Workplace Pride International Conference is now open. For more details see the program below.

This year’s theme will be: “Society at a Crossroads Leveraging LGBTIQ+ Workplace Inclusion for greater impact”

The theme of Workplace Pride’s 2021 International Conference says it all. Society is truly at a crossroads and we are all living it every day. As we regularly interact with people online from around the world, we understand that barriers to communication and progress no longer exist – or at least they shouldn’t exist. 

This conference will address the hard issues of why not enough is being done. But it will also articulate what employers of all types, both local and international CAN do to make progress. It will look critically at the role of civil society and the LGBTIQ+ community ourselves to determine if we have done enough to get our message across. Finally, though, it will bring all stakeholders together to help shape a working world in which LGBTIQ+ people can truly be themselves. 

This hybrid event is on June 25th from 14:00 until 17:00, Amsterdam time, top decision-makers from the private and public sectors will come together with the LGBTIQ+ community for this important event.

For those joining us at Theater Amsterdam, strict safety protocols such as correctly wearing a mask while inside the building and social distancing needs to be practiced. 

For the complete Safety and Health Protocol please see below. Prior to your arrival, you must fill out the mandatory Health Check.

We hope to see you there!    

This online element of this event is open to the general public.


In order to comply with the mandatory corona protocol, we perform a health check. This is a simple, short questionnaire that you must complete on the day of your visit.  

  1. Scan the QR code or go to www.covidtriage.nl 

Language can be switched to English selecting the flag in the right upper corner.

  1. Fill in the questions truthfully. 
  2. Keep the result – we ask you to show this upon arrival. 

PLEASE NOTE: The check must be completed on the day of the visit. You can also find the QR code in front of the entrance of Theater Amsterdam.