Broadening the stripes of the rainbow in 2021

7 January 2021

Last year we embraced the start of a new decade with bold ideas and plans, only to suddenly find ourselves in uncharted territory, facing a global pandemic that we are still coming to terms with and the toll it’s taken in numerous ways both personally and professionally.

With vaccines finally being rolled out worldwide to those most at risk initially, it’s clear to see that societies are shifting and Workplace Pride also has to gauge and act accordingly.

Until now we have used the acronym LGBTI (Lesbian ,Gay ,Bisexual ,Transgender and Intersex) but we feel that a more colourful umbrella is needed for these changing times.

From 2021, Workplace Pride is going to use LGBTIQ+ as our primary acronym.

By adding the “Q+” we are embracing those generations who not only proudly identify as Queer but those may still feel a stigma attached to the term. For the “+” part, we feel this includes those who identify outside the more mainstream labels on gender and sexuality. Also, very importantly the “+” includes all allies!

To celebrate this shift in thinking at Workplace Pride we will launch a new webinar series for 2021 featuring speakers from the LGBTIQ+ community.
The first of these webinars isn’t to be missed and will be for members and the general public and be an live online event on the 27th of January 2021!

Registration for the webinar is now LIVE!

To register for the webinar please go HERE

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Wishing you all a happier and healthier 2021!