LGBTIQ+ Employee Resource Groups: Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities a Symposium at Leiden University

While organizational attention to the topics of workplace equality and inclusion has increased, some social groups are still disadvantaged. To support LGBTIQ+ employees at work, many organizations have LGBTIQ+ employee resource groups (ERGs). These groups are uniquely placed to provide a safe space for LGBTIQ+ employees, facilitate alliances between these employees and their ally colleagues, and advocate for structural changes in the organization.

Jojanneke van der Toorn, Workplace Pride’s Special Professor
for LGBTIQ+ inclusion

In this symposium, Prof. Anna Einarsdottir, from the University of York, and Prof. Jojanneke van der Toorn, from Leiden University and Workplace Pride’s Special Professor for LGBTIQ+ Inclusion, shared insights from their recent research on the topic, discussing the promises and pitfalls of LGBTIQ+ ERGs and how they can be most effective. A panel including LGBTIQ+ ERG and HR specialists, including Workplace Pride’s executive David Pollard, reflected on the findings, shared insights from practice, and discussed how ERGs can contribute to LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion.

The “LGBTIQ+ Employee Resource Groups: Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities” symposium was organized by Jojanneke van der Toorn, Eva Jaspers, Chenhao Zhou, Kshitij Mor, and Paula Hoffmann, in collaboration with Academia@WorkplacePride.

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