2022 Pride Week Recap

Workplace Pride held three wonderful events for our members and other stakeholders during this year’s Amsterdam Pride.

Workplace Pride was pleased to have an ‘Open House’ reception for our members on July 28th at our new office. With a larger office, the Foundation can now organise more events and activities, even on behalf of our members! The well-attended open house was the first large event in our new office! We enjoyed plenty of refreshments and appreciated the opportunity to connect with old and new members alike.  This was a fantastic evening that made our office truly feel like our new home.  We look forward to more “gezelligheid” in the future!

On Saturday July 30th, a large delegation of almost 100 people from Workplace Pride members came together during the 2022 Amsterdam Pride Walk. This powerful event captured the importance of LGBTIQ+ inclusion and being your authentic self.

As a precursor to the walk, Workplace Pride organised a breakfast reception to ensuring plenty of energy for the walk ahead. The group was joined by a magnificent Samba band which provided a great focal point and helped us to celebrate Pride in a festive way. 

A remarkable moment of the walk was when our group entered the main entrance of Vondelpark and were greeted by the 71 flag carriers of the Zero Flag Project. Each carrier was holding a national flag representing countries in which homosexuality is criminalised or even punishable by death. This was a compelling and sobering reminder that we are in this fight together and why it is so important for us to be loud and proud as a community.

Last but certainly not least, Workplace Pride was honoured to organise the 2022 edition of ‘Stories From the Heart’, kindly hosted by our Foundation Member, Heineken, and co-hosted by our Foundation Partner PwC. As many Workplace Pride members have activities in locations where it is difficult or even dangerous to be openly LGBTIQ+, this event, now in its third year, provided our members a first-hand account of what their colleagues and other community members experience on a regular basis. This year’s event featured activists from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary. Stories From the Heart is a joint initiative of Workplace Pride, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the RVO (the Netherlands Enterprise Agency) in partnership with the COC Nederland and the Municipality of Amsterdam. 

Our heartfelt thanks to our all of our members who attended our events, or who participated in Pride in their own way in celebration of the LGBTIQ+ community.