Workplace Pride and Deloitte launch the LGBT+ Monitor

Today is “Coming Out Day”, but ‘ How proud can we be?

For the LGBT+ community around the, world this is both a symbolic and meaningful day in which we reflect on the many struggles that we have all experienced. But as we plan for how we can make “coming out” easier for future generations, particularly in the workplace, the question of how proud we can actually be about the progress we have made, keeps coming up.  

What more fitting day then for Workplace Pride and Deloitte to launch our “LGBT+ Workplace Monitor”! Over a year in the making, this unique tool combines publicly available data from a number of highly reputable sources and helps answer that burning question. It creates a single portal which allows benchmarking, comparisons and insights on LGBT+ workplace topics across and between European countries. The Monitor is designed to help employers create policies and procedures to continue building safe workplaces for everyone and is an excellent tool for the LGBT+ community as well. 

The Monitor consists of four indicators that measure LGBT+ inclusion and equality in the workplace: 

  • Workplace Openness is about the extent to which LGBT+ employees feel they can be open about their sexuality towards colleagues.
  • Workplace Recruitment & Retention is about the extent to which LGBT+ people lose or quit their jobs due to a lack of equal treatment related to their sexual orientation.
  • Workplace Well-being focuses on the well-being of LGBT+ people in the workplace
  • Workforce Protection which brings together available data on legislation and policies in various European countries aimed at protecting LGBT+ people

The world and the LGBT+ community continue to live through a time of great uncertainty, which also translates into the workplace. The LGBT+ Monitor takes an important step to minimise this uncertainty when it comes to creating workplaces where our community can feel safe, productive and can thrive. And in response to the question “How Proud can we be?”, today at least, on this Coming Out Day, we can be very proud indeed! 

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