Nairobi Roundtable: Free to Be Me (F2BM) Project Takes Big Steps!

Friday, 16 December 2022

As part of its contribution to the 5-year Free to Be Me (F2BM) Project that aims to improve the lives of LGBTIQ+ people in 14 global south countries, Workplace Pride recently organised the first Socio-Economic Roundtable in Africa. This event, which was held at the residence of the Netherlands Ambassador in Nairobi, Kenya brought together representatives from local civil society organisations, businesses, and the diplomatic community. 

This ‘tripartite’ of stakeholders stimulates interaction between LGBTIQ+ civil society organisations and businesses in these 14 countries with the goal of strengthening business and social contacts. Workplace Pride members will be engaged throughout the length of the project through their offices and activities in the project countries. 

The Civil Society Toolkit, which was developed jointly by Workplace Pride, Open for Business, and the Other Foundation and funded by the Global Equality Fund, featured prominently in the roundtable and will be used on an ongoing basis in the F2BM project. 

This model of Socio-Economic Roundtables will continue in Manilla in Q1 2023 with further sessions planned in Rwanda, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Indonesia later in the year. The Roundtables have been created after extensive research with all stakeholders and will be complemented in 2023 by a Mentoring Program that brings practitioners in the business world in direct contact with LGBTIQ+ individuals in the project country. 

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Click here to view the full report of the Socio-Economic Roundtable in Nairobi: