KLM and Young@Workplace Pride Co-Host Successful IDAHOTBIT Event Focused on Role Models

Powerful stories of inspiration and inclusivity showcased during remarkable event

In a resounding success at Schiphol, KLM and Young@Workplace Pride joined forces to host a highly impactful event centred around the influential concept of role models. The event delved into the significance of embracing one’s authentic self and unveiled awe-inspiring examples of individuals unintentionally becoming beacons of inspiration by staying true to their identities.

“IDAHOBIT is one of the most important days for our community, and this year we are focusing on role models and mentoring with Young@Workplace Pride. In addition, KLM recently launched the reverse mentoring program on Diversity & Inclusion, which gave us valuable insights that we wanted to share with a global community. Diversity & Inclusion is a joint journey where Workplace Pride unites and inspires us!” expressed Thom Widdershoven, AirFrance KLM HR & Sustainability executive and Board Member of KLM Over the Rainbow.

The event’s highlight was undoubtedly KLM’s groundbreaking reverse mentorship program, creating a platform for individuals to connect across the organisation. This pioneering initiative fostered an environment of knowledge exchange, promoting a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and the exploration of invaluable ideas.

The event served as a powerful platform to recognize and celebrate the exceptional role models who ignite inspiration, empowering others to embrace their true identities. By fostering an environment where personal growth is nurtured through shared experiences, KLM further cements its commitment to cultivating diversity, authenticity, and a strong sense of belonging.

Guest speaker Yuli Kim, Program Director of Workplace Pride, engaged the attendees by discussing vital topics such as queer mentoring, pronouns, and the pivotal role of positive role models within the LGBTIQI+ community. Kim urged participants to reflect upon their personal journeys, the challenges they have overcome, and the individuals who have inspired them along the way.

“Today, we give a voice to embracing diversity and shed light on topics not often discussed in daily business. We need to create a sense of belonging, especially with a new generation entering the workforce. With Workplace Pride, we stand together and understand that a collective message is vital to drive change and create impact,” emphasised Maral Arikan, Board Member and Lead of the Young@Workplace Community.

Let us continue to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and the profound influence of role models as we strive to create a world that embraces everyone’s authentic selves, free from discrimination or prejudice. ❤️?????  

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Photos Ruud Rozevink & Joost van der Sande