23 Jul 2018

Greater China Conference Showcases Need for More Corporate Involvement

Talking about LGBT inclusion at work is a challenge in almost any location; even where the most liberal legal frameworks and cultural norms are in place. Add to that the hurdle of pressure to respect family traditions and continuity, plus an extreme performance requirement and the task seems to become almost insurmountable. This is the setting that many participants of the LGBT Workplace Inclusion Confernece in Greater China contend with on a regular basis, and which encouraged them

27 Jun 2018

Amsterdam Pride on the Horizon!

Workplace Pride is gearing up for the annual Amsterdam Pride celebrations, one of the leading and largest Pride events in the world. In contrast to the past though, the Foundation will focus more on the individual and personal impact of what Pride really means to so many people. Through two targeted events,* Workplace Pride will highlight that, alongside their employer, each individual also has an important role to play in LGBTI inclusion, both at work

27 Jun 2018

Registration Opens for Hong Kong Conference

Workplace Pride and its member Accenture are teaming up to organise the LGBT Workplace Inclusion Conference in Greater China. The event, being held on 17 July at Accenture's offices in Hong Kong, will bring together employers, employees and civil society to address the specific challenges for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender (LGBT) people at work in the Greater China region. It will develop a shared understanding of the local situation, strategies and tactics to address these

20 Jun 2018

Swiss Re HQ in Zurich showing up in rainbow colours

June is Pride Month and Swiss Re employees from the LGBTI+ network, Together with Pride, are celebrating through a variety of events in different regions.   In Zurich, Swiss Re Next, one of the buildings of Swiss Re's Campus Mythenquai, on the side of Lake Zurich has lit up in rainbow colours every evening during 11-16 June.  This public act shows that Swiss Re is serious in their commitment to improve LGBTI+ inclusivity.   At

24 May 2018

2018 International Conference Charts New Territory

With fully interactive plenary sessions, cutting edge speakers and a decisive global tone, the Workplace Pride 2018 International Conference took both the Foundation and the LGBTI workplace movement to a new level. Never before have so many fascinating and relevant topics been handled in such detail at an international LGBTI workplace event. Some of the conclusions, among many others, that were reached include: The ethical, organisational and personal role of artificial intelligence in workplace Diversity

18 May 2018

HEINEKEN Joins Workplace Pride

  Workplace Pride is proud to announce that HEINEKEN has joined the Foundation as a member. Workplace Pride is a not for profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Intersex (LGBTI) people in workplaces all over the world. HEINEKEN, headquartered in Amsterdam, is the number one brewer in Europe and the number two brewer in the world. The company has over 80,000 employees and operations in over 70 markets

7 May 2018

Intersex People: What You Need To Know

On April 12th, Workplace Pride member Reed Elsevier hosted a Connecting Members Event on Intersex individuals. Presenter, Miriam van der Have, cofounder and director of the Nederlands Netwerk Intersekse/DSD (NNID), began by explaining that Intersex isn’t always understood by people; in fact, many people believe it relates only to having various genital structures. While this is sometimes true, the spectrum that is intersex reaches far beyond this basic understanding. Intersex people have varying structures in relation

16 Mar 2018

Workplace Pride Chair Holder Speaks at EY

On March 1st, EY’s Unity NL* hosted the Connecting Members event: “Inclusiveness: Why is it important to leverage the differences of diversity?”, with a lecture by Workplace Pride Chair holder Dr. Jojanneke van der Toorn. Jeroen Davidson, member of The Board of Directors of EY Nederland welcomed all and briefly addressed the importance of Diversity and Inclusion; D&I at EY is about respecting our differences and how best to leverage these differences to achieve better business results.    The Chair, funded by KPN, which is in

15 Mar 2018

2018 International Conference Now Open for Registration!

The Workplace Pride 2018 International Conference Website is LIVE and Registration is open! The conference will be held at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, on Friday, May 18th. With the theme ,“The Changing Face of LGBTI Workplace Inclusion” this year's event offers  lots of fascinating topics, challenging discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities! As you have come to expect, we have top level speakers from organisations such as Microsoft, Human Rights Watch and Sodexo. We are also fortunate to be

8 Mar 2018

Clifford Chance supports the 10th edition of the Gay Games: Paris 2018

Clifford Chance Paris has become the first law firm to collaborate with the 10th edition of the Gay Games: Paris 2018. The firm's support for the Gay Games: Paris 2018 (which came a few days after the signing of the 'L'Autre Cercle' LGBT Commitment Charter) is part of a larger aim to encourage and promote the existing activities of Clifford Chance Paris's office around the theme of diversity. Particularly through the involvement and enthusiasm of the members of the LGBT+ network