Academia @Workplace Pride

As Workplace Pride’s membership has increased, so has its diversity. In particular, universities and research organizations have joined over the last couple of years, and so to acknowledge this we have launched a brand new program to support LGBTIQ+ members of our community who work in academia: Academia@WorkPlacePride. In 2021 we have the following academic Workplace Pride members: NWO, University of Twente, LUMC (Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum), the University of Leiden, TU Delft, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Tilburg University. 

Through webinars, conferences and events we will come together to tackle the issues that affect faculty, students and staff in academia and the research environment. This program endeavours to bring our members together in the world of academia in the pursuit of diversity, inclusion and belonging for LGBTIQ+ working in this field.

Academia@WorkplacePride” deals with the topic of LGBTIQ+ inclusion for the faculty, staff and students of universities and other higher educational institutions. Academia@WorkplacePride joins our other programs focusing on LGBTIQ+ women, young people, and technically focused people. The program will address the many issues specific to academia such as: 

  • Are universities sufficiently clear and open regarding LGBTIQ+ inclusion for students, staff and faculty?
  • Do LGBTI students from locations where homosexuality is criminalised or not culturally accepted feel safe in our member institutions?
  • Is faculty sufficiently briefed on what LGBTIQ+ discrimination actually looks like and on how to combat it? 
  • What are the implications of a LGBTIQ+ perspective on the curriculum thought at universities?
  • Does introducing Diversity and Inclusion policies in an institution conflict with researchers’ freedom of thought or academic freedom?
  • How does the university leadership include LGBTIQ+ topics in their policies and planning and how will they address creating progress when needed?