Ellen van Essen

Post Date: November 30, 2017


Ellen van Essen, member of the Workplace Pride Advisory Board

Ellen van Essen is currently Director Digital Transformation for Vodafone Group Enterprise in the UK.

Prior to joining Vodafone, Ellen was a part of the leadership team of Accenture in the Netherlands, responsible for the Business Process Outsourcing practice. Ellen has, in this role, worked with many large multinational clients on large scale transformations, BPO and innovation programs.

As part of her career Ellen was responsible for global alliances and ventures of AT&T in the United States working with organizations in many countries across the globe.

Most organizations are aware of the importance of nurturing a culture of inclusion and positivity and uphold policies with respect to human rights in the workplace. Ellen believes we still have a long way to go and as a leader has therefore committed to championing diversity as a strength and priority for the long term wellbeing of the company.

Ellen lives with her husband Patrick and their three children in The Hague, The Netherlands.