Aegon Out Executive Shares Experience at Young@WorkplacePride Event

Post Date: November 16, 2017

Many thanks to  Foundation Member Aegon for hosting the October Mentorship Session with Young@Workplace Pride in the Hague! Aegon is a multinational corporation working in life insurance, pension and asset management.

Introduced and co-organized by Mike Mansfield, the leader of the LGBT+ network, guest speaker Willem van Den Berg (Head of Investor Relations at Aegon) spoke to the group about his journey in coming out, and the way he dealt with it in various spheres of his life.

As Van Den Berg outlined his history with coming out at university, at home, and in the workplace, he highlighted an interesting issue; while people in different areas of his life were very accepting of his sexual orientation, his own trepidation at coming out seemed to be the main thing holding him back. In coming out, be it at home or at work, the general consensus seemed to be that being LGBT+ was okay and not as big a deal as it could have been.

This lively discussion, which include young LGBTI people from a number of Workplace Pride’s members, demonstrated once again that being able to be yourself, both at work and in life in general, benefits not only LGBTI people but also the people around them.

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