Aegon Rainbow Families

Post Date: October 20, 2018

On October 18th, Workplace Pride organized a ‘Connecting Members’ event on Rainbow Families, hosted by Aegon. The Dutch Foundation, Meer dan Gewenst (More than Wished for), presented their views on helping LGBTI people interested in becoming parents and also how to find more information through facilitated meetings, family days, and online message boards.

The opening session was followed by a panel representing different aspects of a rainbow family in the form of a young man living and working in the UK as well as in the Netherlands who is co-parenting his toddler son with a female friend based in the UK. An additional story came from a woman in a same-sex marriage with two young kids and, lastly, from a son raised by a his mothers together with his twin brother.

The conversation explored the openness of children and how to phrase questions to LGBTI parents or figure out when it is appropriate to ask them. It also concluded that language in general needs to move forward to better encompass the many family structures that are now emerging.

As it stands, there are a lot more conversations to be had on the topic!

A special thanks goes to Aegon for hosting the event and to Meer dan Gewenst for helping everyone understand the challenges for rainbow families, but also the potential rewards by fully embracing their uniqueness; both in the workplace and in society. 

For more information (in NL) about Meer dan Gewenst, please click HERE.