Asian Activists Visit Foundation

Post Date: August 9, 2017

As part of the 2017 Amsterdam Pride, Workplace Pride took part in the annual program entitled, “LGBTI Influentials”. This program, a joint effort between a number of Dutch Ministries and other parties, brings together LGBTI activities from other countries to experience emancipation in the Netherlands. Different Dutch-based NGO’s, including Workplace Pride, take part in the initiative to share how LGBTI activities is done here. The goal is to give these new  ambassadors useful tools that will help them with their activism once back in their own countries.

This year the LGBTI Influentials concentrated on Asian women as a group that is often under-represented. The week-long program for the nine activist from South Korea, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam and Sri Lanka included a couple of hours at the Workplace Pride office. The Foundation arranged for three professionals (also Asian women) from ING, ASML and UPS to give personal accounts about what it meant to be a woman, LGBTI and Asian in the Dutch workplace.

For more information about Workplace Pride’s work with the LGBTI Influentials program, write to: