Cargill Hosts International Conference Opening Reception &  Signs Declaration

Post Date: June 27, 2019


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Workplace Pride Member Cargill has become the 26th organization to sign the Declaration of Amsterdam. This important step took place at the opening reception of the Workplace Pride 2019 International Conference which was hosted by Cargill in their Amsterdam offices.

When organisations sign the Declaration of Amsterdam, they are making a commitment to improving the lives of their LGBTI employees wherever they work. Signing recognises that there is an inherent responsibility, both on the part of an employer, but also for employees themselves to make continual and sustainable progress for LGBTI workplace inclusion.


As one of the largest agricultural businesses in the world, Cargill has activities all over the planet. It often operates in areas where being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Intersex can be challenging at the best of times.  Fulfilling the promises of the Declaration and making progress will therefore not be easy.  However, through the strong leadership the company continues to show and through the sustained involvement of the LGBTI and ally community within the Cargill, they can (together) ensure that progress is real.

Harold Poelma, CEO Cargill Netherlands and Global Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate Group Leader signed the Declaration on behalf of the company and outlined the true commitment to making progress for LGBTI staff. Workplace Pride sincerely thanks Mr. Poelma and Cargill for hosting the opening reception of our International Conference and will stand by them on their own journey for greater LGBTI inclusion in the workplace.

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