Declaration of Amsterdam Signed by ASML

Post Date: December 4, 2017

Congratulations to ASML on signing the Declaration of Amsterdam!

In October 2017 ASML’s CEO Peter Wennink signed the Declaration of Amsterdam for an LGBTI Inclusive Workplace.

This declaration -which employs a 10-point action plan in order to give responsibility to all stakeholders, including employers and employees, and to ensure that LGBTI workplace inclusion continues to progress – was developed by Workplace Pride in 2011 to encourage inclusivity in corporate culture, to ensure that LGBTI employees feel valued and able to be their authentic selves, and to demonstrate commitment to that ideal.

The signing was announced on National Coming out Day of this year (October 10), which we at Workplace Pride feel serves as a way to show commitment to the LGBTI community, both within ASML’s corporate culture but also outside of it.

Having joined Workplace Pride as a member in June, ASML has been taking concrete steps over the last few months to build their network, Pink ASML, and to increase visibility of their work and commitment to an inclusive corporate culture. By building on their technological and innovative leadership qualities, we look forward to seeing ASML progress in their diversity leadership as well!

For more information about ASML, contact Martijn van den Tillart at