Is the Future of Energy Inclusive?

Post Date: July 17, 2017
On June 29th, Shell hosted a Women@WorkplacePride event at its Projects & Technology site in Rijswijk. Prior to the main event, the participants were given the opportunity to join in guided tours to iScope, a virtual reality set-up that can be used for training, and to an oil platform (rig) that is used to test tools and procedures before applied offshore. 
The main event was introduced by Graham Sparks, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, who showed how Shell is successfully addressing the LGBT topic worldwide, bearing in mind Shell operates in countries where being LGBT can be a sensitive issue.
The second speaker was Karrie Trauth, a General Manager in Shell Trading & Shipping who shared a very authentic story that resonated by many; after a successful USA based career in the closet she only came-out when she joined Shell USA and never had a bad reaction. She challenged everyone in attendance to look every day for one thing we can do to make the journey easier for our colleagues. 
The event ended with an energetic networking drink that lasted well over the intended time with lively conversations reflecting on the event, but also looking ahead to possible future topics for a next Women@WorkplacePride event.
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