Swiss Re HQ in Zurich showing up in rainbow colours

Post Date: June 20, 2018
June is Pride Month and Swiss Re employees from the LGBTI+ network, Together with Pride, are celebrating through a variety of events in different regions.
In Zurich, Swiss Re Next, one of the buildings of Swiss Re’s Campus Mythenquai, on the side of Lake Zurich has lit up in rainbow colours every evening during 11-16 June.  This public act shows that Swiss Re is serious in their commitment to improve LGBTI+ inclusivity.
At the core of the currently ongoing global initiative is the aim to move Swiss Re towards the so-called ’embassy’ status: to create an inclusive and safe environment with equal standards, policies and guidelines within the walls of Swiss Re in all its locations, whilst still respecting the local laws.
The journey has just started, but Swiss Re stands confident that the selected actions will most effectively improve everyone’s workplace experience and help the company remain a great employer for diverse talent.