Symposium Brings LGBT Workplace Inclusion in India to New Level

Post Date: May 19, 2017



Press Release 

Date:19 May 2017


Symposium Brings LGBT Workplace Inclusion in India to New Level

Indian & international companies partner with civil society to realize greater progress

Amsterdam-based Workplace Pride Foundation and Bengaluru-based Solidarity Foundation join forces with multinational and Indian companies in the “LGBT Workplace Symposium, Chennai”. Hosted by RELX, a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries, this ground-breaking event continues the dialogue in Chennai that has already gathered force in other parts of the country.

The evolution of LGBT inclusion in Indian society is moving at a breakneck pace, like in many other countries around the world. However, inclusion of LGBT people in the Indian workplace is lagging behind. Organizational, hierarchical and external family and caste stigmas continue to create barriers for LGBT people resulting in workplaces where they cannot be themselves. Anybody who cannot be themselves at work is less productive as an employee, less effective as a team player and less creative, all of which are bad for the bottom line of employers not to mention the employees themselves.

With prominent speakers, interactive breakout sessions and diverse sector representation, the LGBT Workplace Symposium will challenge these obstacles and explore new notions of leadership, inclusion and the role of employers in society when it comes to LGBT inclusion.

This event is key for including India in the growing international movement of LGBT inclusion in the workplace and RELX is proud to be a key player in the eventsays Keynote Speaker, Michiel Kolman, President of the International Publisher’s Association, Senior Vice President of Global Academic Relations at RELX and ranked on the Financial Times list of top LGBT Executives.

Prominent Indian LGBT activist Parmesh Shahani will give his own take on LGBT workplace inclusion in the country while a number of corporate, public sector and civil society representatives will bring their own visions into the dialogue.  The Indian trans community will be well represented in the event as speakers and participants as will other LGBT community members who work in multinational and Indian organizations.



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