The City of Delft Joins Workplace Pride

Post Date: February 6, 2019

The City of Delft,  Joins Workplace Pride

Workplace Pride is pleased to welcome the City of Delft in the Netherlands as the 4th municipality to join the Foundation. The membership agreement was signed today in the city’s offices in Delft.

LGBTI inclusion in cities is a major driver of competitive advantage in Innovation, Talent & Skills and Quality of Living according to the Open for Business report on this topic. But it is also just the right thing to do for employers such as the City of Delft who recognise both the economic aspect as well as the human aspect of LGBTI inclusion. By raising their profile on this topic, the City is sending a clear signal to its employees and citizens that theirs is a welcoming and inclusive environment for ALL types of people.

Alderman, Hatte van der Woude, who signed the membership agreement on behalf of the City said:    “Delft stands for inclusiveness in all areas. We don’t differentiate on background, religion or orientation and follow a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination, aggression and violence in the workplace. Workplace Pride will help support us in bringing more attention to our efforts.

We’re delighted to have the City of Delft join the other Dutch Cities of Amsterdam, the Hague and Nijmegen who are leading on this topic:” said David Pollard, Executive Director of Workplace Pride. “These front-runners join dozens of private sector organisations as well as the Dutch Government who understand that by recognising and proactively supporting the most vulnerable in our society, we are ultimately all much better off”.

Please join us all in welcoming the city of Delft to the Workplace Pride family!