Women@WorkplacePride Event “Bisexuality in the Workplace”

Post Date: May 19, 2017


On April 19th, Women@WorkplacePride and Elsevier Pride Netherlands hosted the workshop “How can we make the workplace more inclusive for bisexual women and men?” The event took place at the Elsevier Head office in Amsterdam and attracted Workplace Pride members from several companies, Elsevier staff and members of the Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit (LNBi).


David Domingues Garcia opened the event on behalf of Elsevier Pride and Joanna Semeniuk introduced the Women@WorkplacePride program. Skylar Leslie, research student of Dr. Jojanneke van der Toorn, the Workplace Pride Chair at Leiden University, lead the workshop.


Skylar presented the current climate on bisexual awareness, workplace inclusion, and the efficacy of training techniques, based on her research done with Workplace Pride, which found that while there was marginal correlation between workplace regulations and bisexual inclusivity, there was a major correlation with manager and colleagues’ attitudes and bisexual employees’ avoidant behaviours.



The workshop sparked a lively discussion, e.g. how do you stand by your bisexual self-identification when the legitimacy of a bisexual identity is often questioned by the environment or treated as a phase.


To read the full research paper on bisexuality in the workplace, please click link here:


The next Women@WorkplacePride event is scheduled on June 29th at Shell in Rijswijk. More details will follow shortly.


For more information about Women@WorkplcaePride, please write to women@workplacepride.org.