Workplace Pride Launches Global Benchmark 2017 Survey

Post Date: April 8, 2017

Workplace pride is pleased to announce that the Global Benchmark 2017 is open for submissions!

The internationally recognized measurement tool was designed to help employers achieve an inclusive workplace for their LGBT employees through effective D&I and LGBT policies and practices. As this is the Global Benchmark’s 4th year we have implemented some important changes from our own experience and your suggestions to keep it both relevant and efficient for survey participants.

Updates and changes include:

For Global Benchmark Updates & Changes, please click HERE.

The Benchmark presents a unique opportunity to measure how effective your organization’s cross-border LGBT policies and practices are, so get started now and register your submissions before May 31st.

To register for the Global Benchmark 2017, please click HERE.

Participation in the Benchmark is free of charge!

For questions regarding the Global Benchmark 2017, contact: