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Awareness raising, measurement, research, training and network building through targeted events are the pillars of the Foundation’s work. Complementing these are specific programs for young LGBTI people and LBTI women alongside custom-made training.

Based in Amsterdam, the city best known for LGBTI inclusion, Workplace Pride activities include both the Netherlands and many countries around the world. From Poland to Thailand and from Suriname to Belgium, we continue to use our more than 10 years of experience and accumulated knowledge to push the boundaries of LGBTI inclusion in the workplace.


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The Workplace Pride Global Benchmark was created to help employers measure how effective their LGBTI policies and practices are and to provide a catalyst for improvement. The Global Benchmark is unique in that it looks at organizations’ efforts on a truly global scale.

Participation in the annual Benchmark survey is free of charge. Participants receive individual summaries of their results presented in a form intended for management decision-making.

For questions regarding the Global Benchmark survey, write to: benchmark@Workplacepride.org


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The Declaration of Amsterdam is a 10-point list outlining the “ideal” working situation for LGBTI workplace inclusion. Designed to inspire and challenge employers, it is also a concrete guide based upon management language, setting clear goals and encouraging sustainability for LGBTI workplace inclusion wherever organizations have activities around the world.

Organizations that sign the Declaration of Amsterdam are saying to the world “we believe in workplaces where LGBTI people can be themselves and are striving to make this happen in our organization”


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Having the hard truth about LGBTI workplace inclusion is essential in our work. For years, Workplace Pride has worked with individual researchers, universities as well as national, European and supranational institutions, not to mention most of our members, to carry out detailed research on this topic. Reporting back is essential for us and all of our stakeholders to help determine where to go with LGBTI Workplace Inclusion.

We are also very proud to have created the world’s first University Chair dedicated solely to LGBTI workplace Inclusion. This Chair, along with our other on-going research activities will continue to contribute to the advancement of this topic.



Entering into the workplace for the first time can be daunting under the best circumstance, so you can imagine what it is like if you are LGBTI. “Do I come out during the interview?”, “Do I mention my LGBTI volunteer activities on my CV?”, “Do employers have an LGBTI policy?”, these are some of the questions that younger LGBTI people often ask themselves.

Recognizing this, the Foundation has created the “Young@WorkplacePride” program to bridge the gap for younger LGBTI people in the workplace, but also the help employers understand how they can better communicate to this next generation of employees and leaders. The program has all sorts of activities for Workplace Pride members, ensuring that the changing world of work that we live in also takes young LGBTI people into account.


LBTI women face a number of unique challenges in the workplace; often being under-valued due to their gender, their sexual orientation or gender identity. However LBTI women have an enormous potential and strength due to their experiences and ability to look at things from a number of different perspectives. Often more independent and willing to challenge conventional thinking, they are a true source of innovation.

The Women@WorkplacePride program strives to do just that! Through targeted events with unique speakers, focused workshops in Workplace Pride’s conferences and participation in research projects, Women@WorkplacePride continues to be a driving force the Foundation.


TECH@WorkplacePride is a special program in which views, experiences and best practices are exchanges, and which increases the visibility of LGBTI people within the tech industry, with students, and society in general

Decades ago, it seemed that LGBT people simply did not choose for a career in technology. Now we know better: today we see many LGBT professionals working and contributing to the success in technology-based organizations.

Comparing this sector to others, we can see differences in cultural aspects like networking and interpersonal skills, and in success factors, which are changing rapidly as well. Traditional, hierarchical organizations are now replaced with ones that are network-based, and interpersonal skills and personal branding are becoming more and more important. This also means that remaining “safely” in the closet is more difficult.

TECH has been a focus in various workshops during Workplace Pride conferences, and in the 2016 Canal Pride in Amsterdam the boat “Building Diversity” made LGBT-professionals in the building industry very visible.

About one out of three Workplace Pride employers have a strong connection to technology, and we are sure that increased visibility for LGBT employees in technical roles will be rewarded and will strengthen our employers

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