Programs Overview

Academia@ WorkplacePride

As Workplace Pride’s membership has increased, so has its diversity. In particular, universities and research organizations have joined over the last couple of years, and so to acknowledge this we have launched a brand new program to support LGBTIQ+ members of our community who work in academia: Academia@ WorkPlacePride.
In 2021 we have the following academic Workplace Pride members: NWO, University of Twente, LUMC (Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum), the University of Leiden, TU Delft, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Tilburg University.
Through webinars, conferences and events we will come together to tackle the issues that affect faculty, students and staff in academia and the research environment. This program endeavours to bring our members together in the world of academia in the pursuit of diversity, inclusion and belonging for LGBTIQ+ working in this field.

“Academia@WorkplacePride” deals with the topic of LGBTIQ+ inclusion for the faculty, staff and students of universities and other higher educational institutions. Academia@WorkplacePride joins our other programs focusing on LGBTIQ+ women, young people, and technically focused people. The program will address the many issues specific to academia such as:

• Are universities sufficiently clear and open regarding LGBTIQ+ inclusion for students, staff and faculty?
• Do LGBTI students from locations where homosexuality is criminalised or not culturally accepted feel safe in our member institutions?
• Is faculty sufficiently briefed on what LGBTIQ+ discrimination actually looks like and on how to combat it?
• What are the implications of a LGBTIQ+ perspective on the curriculum thought at universities?
• Does introducing Diversity and Inclusion policies in an institution conflict with researchers’ freedom of thought or academic freedom?
• How does the university leadership include LGBTIQ+ topics in their policies and planning and how will they address creating progress when needed?
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Young@ WorkplacePride

Joining a workplace for the first time can be daunting under even the best circumstances. Can you imagine a young persons thoughts at such a crucial stage?

• Do my potential employers have an LGBTIQ+policy?
• How far do I come out during the interview process?
• How far do I come out during the interview process?
• Should I mention my LGBTIQ+ volunteer activities on my CV?
• Do I go back into the closet after I get the job?

These are some of the difficult questions that younger LGBTIQ+ people often ask themselves as they discover a career path they’ll immerse themselves in.
Recognizing this, the Foundation created the “Young@ WorkplacePride” program to bridge gaps for younger LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace, but also to help employers understand how they can better communicate to this next generation of employees and future leaders.
The program has numerous activities for Workplace Pride members, ensuring that the changing world of work that we live in also takes young LGBTIQ+ people further into account.
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Women@ WorkplacePride

LGBTIQ+ women face a number of unique challenges in the workplace; often being under-valued due to their gender, their sexual orientation or gender identity.

However, LGBTIQ+ women have an enormous potential and strength due to their experiences and an ability to look at things from a number of different perspectives.
Often more independent and willing to challenge conventional thinking, they are a true source of innovation.
The Women@WorkplacePride program strives to innovate beyond the norms. Through targeted events with unique speakers, focused workshops at Workplace Pride’s conferences and participation in research projects, Women@WorkplacePride continues to be a driving force within the Foundation.
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Tech@ WorkplacePride

TECH@WorkplacePride is a special program in which views, experiences and best practices are exchanged which increases the visibility of LGBTIQ+ people within the tech industry, students, and in turn, society in general. Decades ago, it seemed that some LGBTIQ+ people simply did not aim for a career in technology. Now we know better: today we see more LGBTIQ+ professionals working and contributing to the success of technology-based organizations.
In the tech sector, aspects like networking and interpersonal skills, as well as success factors are changing rapidly also. Traditional, hierarchical organizations are now shifting to being more network based, and interpersonal skills and personal branding are becoming more and more important.
This however means that remaining “safely” in the closet is more difficult. TECH has been a focus in various workshops during Workplace Pride’s conferences. About one in three Workplace Pride employers have a strong connection to technology so tech@workplacepride will continue to be a focal point for the Foundation.
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Global Leaders Council

The GLC was initiated in 2018 at the request of our members. This forum replaces the Executive Roundtable which previously took place in conjunction with Workplace Pride’s annual International Conferences.
Designed as a quarterly discussion amongst Foundation members, the GLC provides a convenient and effective platform for a high-level exchange of LGBTIQ+ good practices and strategies amongst peers. All types of topics are covered at the GLC meetings from voluntary self-disclosure of LGBTIQ+ identities, to the mobility of LGBTIQ+ professionals in countries where it is not culturally accepted or even legal to be LGBTIQ+. While the focus of the GLC is primarily on international topics, general D&I and national topics are also covered on a regular basis.
All Workplace Pride members are invited to attend GLC meetings but it is required that Members’ delegates have a decision-making capacity within their own organisations.
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