Video Interviews

Here you will find a selection of brief video interviews with impressions from the conference participants. Hear from some of our plenary speakers, board members, attendees and organisers.

Interview with Margot Slattery, Plenary Speaker.

Interview with Tim Mohin, Plenary Speaker.

Interview with Hans Docter, Plenary Speaker.

Interview with Marriët Schuurman, Plenary Speaker.

Interview with David Pollard, Executive Director of the Workplace Pride Foundation.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Jojanneke van der Toorn, Workplace Pride Chair at the University of Leiden

Interview with Michiel Kolman, Workplace Pride Board Member

Interview with members

Interview with Diederik Oelrich Winkelaar from KLM.

Interviews by Mike Greenwood, Camera: Tom van Klingeren.

Conference Closing message from the organisers

Video by Frits by der Sman