Top Achievers Shine in 2024 Workplace Pride Global Benchmark

Amsterdam, 27 June 2024 — Workplace Pride is delighted to announce the release of the 2024 Global Benchmark results, a comprehensive global assessment of LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion.  This year’s findings spotlight the remarkable achievements of organisations dedicated to fostering diverse, inclusive environments.

Foremost among the accolades are the organisations that have scored above 90% on the Workplace Pride Global Benchmark survey, earning the title of “Advocate.” These trailblazing organisations are leading the charge in advancing LGBTIQ+ inclusion in workplaces worldwide, setting new standards for broader societal change. This year, there are two new entries into the Advocate level: ING and McKinsey & Company. They join established Advocate organisations from previous years, including: Accenture, Dow Inc., PwC, RELX Elsevier, Shell, Sodexo, and Unilever.

We also extend our congratulations to the “Ambassador” organisations, which have scored between 70% and 90%. Their unwavering commitment to LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the workplace is driving positive change and fostering a more inclusive society. This year, six new entries have achieved Ambassador status: De Nederlandsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Kite Pharma EU B.V., Lenovo, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, and Nike. They join established Ambassador organisations from previous years, including Aegon Ltd., Avery Dennison, and KLM.

The 2024 Global Benchmark results reveal a significant shift, with 26% of submissions coming from first-time participants—the highest percentage since the benchmark commenced. David Pollard, Executive Director of Workplace Pride, remarked, “The 2024 Global Benchmark highlights how organisations worldwide are responding to societal changes and uncertainties. The influx of first-time participants underscores a growing commitment to fostering inclusive environments. These employers are not only driving change within their own workplaces but are also influencing broader societal transformations on a global scale.”

We celebrate the progress made by organisations that have shown the most significant improvement in LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion over the past year. Their efforts are a testament to the evolving landscape of workplace diversity and inclusion, and their achievements pave the way for continued progress.

The Workplace Pride Global Benchmark was initially introduced in 2014 as an annual survey, enabling participants to track their progress. Developed under the leadership of Workplace Pride, with support from the University of Leiden, major employers, and NGOs from various countries, the Benchmark represents the gold standard of LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion worldwide. It empowers management with the data needed to measure and enhance LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion in their organisations across the globe.

Participating organisations receive a comprehensive assessment across eight key categories: Policy & Communication, Employee Networks, Workplace Awareness, Support & Benefits, Inclusion & Engagement, Expertise & Monitoring, Business & Supplier Engagement, and Societal Impact.

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