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Membership Benefits

Workplace Pride is pleased to offer its members an increased number of benefits in 2021. These range from the new Workplace Pride LGBTIQ+ Employee Survey to increased levels of members’ events being posted on the Foundation’s social media channels. With more than 70 members, the Foundation continues to strive to provide the most effective international platform for making progress on LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why does Workplace Pride have different membership levels and fees?
A: This reflects the amount that members pay and the amount of resources that Workplace Pride is able to commit to each membership level. 

Q: Do you raise the fees on a yearly base?
A: Workplace Pride reviews its fees once every two years, and informs its members in advance of any potential changes. Fees will not be raised in 2021.

Benefit 1&2
Q: What are “Connecting Members” events & webinars?
A: These are unique gatherings, events and webinars designed primarily for Workplace Pride members and which cover specific topics focusing on LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion. These events can range from topics such as “LGBTIQ+ People of Color” to “Transgender Reintegration in the Workplace”. 

Benefit 7
Q: Why can only senior leadership join the GLC?
A: Participants to the GLC need to be able to take decisions and make commitments in the meeting itself, and this is usually only at the senior leadership level. If you have any doubts about who to send to a GLC meeting, please contact your relationship manager. 

Benefit 8:
Q: Why is it beneficial for our organization to host international roundtables & conferences?
A: Internationally, the dynamics for LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion are very different and often quite complicated. Workplace Pride’s international events put the spotlight on how to make progress in these difficult and challenging business contexts in connection with their peers. By hosting these events, organisations show their leadership and commitment to collaborate with other members, with civil society organisations with diplomatic communities and the LGBTIQ+ community in the local context. 

Benefit 9:
Q: What is the optional sponsoring of international events about?
A: Foundation Leaders have the option to have their logo included as a ‘Supporter’ on all Workplace Events held outside of the Netherlands at no additional costs. 

Benefit  10
Q: What kind of support can we expect from the Relationship Manager?
A: The Relationship Managers provide a ‘hands-on’ approach to help our members get the most out of their membership and are the first-point of contact between the members and the Foundation. The resources that the RM’s are able to offer depend upon the membership level but can range from giving advice for starting an ally program to how to reach out to local civil society organisations in other countries.

Benefit 11
Q: What type of support does Workplace Pride give its members for internal events?A: Internal events refer to those events organised by our members themselves, as opposed to those events that are organised by Workplace Pride directly. For internal events we are able to allocate resources (speakers, assistance with a launching a new network, etc.) according to membership level. 

Benefit 12 & 13
Q: What can we expect from the annual LGBTIQ+ strategy meeting or presentation?
A: In strategy meetings Workplace Pride brings its expertise and experience in one-on-one discussions with a member’s  D&I, HR professional and or Network Leaders. The presentation targets top leadership / decision makers in a member organisation and assists them in establishing or fine-tuning their own LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion priorities. 

Benefit 14 & 15
Q: NEW  What is included in the Workplace Pride Learning and Development Program?
A: The L&D program takes members on a ‘deep dive’ to tackle obstacles for greater LGBTIQ+ inclusion throughout their organisation. The program offers many different modules (in person and online) that draw upon the vast knowledge that Workplace Pride has amassed over the years about this topic. The modules are then fine tuned per organisation and are offered on an international basis. Members receive 1- 3 modules per year depending on their level and all members receive a 10% discount for additional modules. 


Benefit 16
Q: What is the benefit of participating in the Global Benchmark?
A: The Global Benchmark is an evidence measurement tool that allows participants to better evaluate the effectiveness of their LGBTIQ+ policies and practices. The Benchmark is divided into 8 sections and designed to provide a clear tool to management for affecting change. It can also be used as a checklist to see which policies and practices are not yet covered by an organisation’s diversity and inclusion efforts.  Participants receive individual, customised results highlighting areas of weakness and strength and are provide concrete suggestions for how improvements can be made to their LGBTIQ+ polices and practices. Organisations participating in the benchmark for more than one year, are provide data to map their progress with this topic. Participation in the Global Benchmark is free to Workplace Pride members. 

Q: How much does participation in the Global Benchmark cost if you are NOT a member?
A: Participation in the Global Benchmark for non-members carries an administration fee of €1000.-

Benefit 19
Q: What does the employee survey mean?
A: The Workplace Pride Employee Survey will gather the perceptions of employees as to how effective employers’ LGBTIQ+ policies and practice actually are. The survey is an integral part of Workplace Pride’s chair at Leiden University and is a scientific and evidence-based survey targeting LGBTI employees worldwide. 

Workplace Pride members will have the option to take part in a targeted version of the survey, based upon anonymous input, for their employees only. The level of support for the results and analysis is based upon membership level. Participation in the targeted version of the Workplace Pride Employee Survey is free to Workplace Pride members.

Q: How much does participation in the targeted version of the Workplace Pride employee survey cost if you are NOT a member?
A: The fee to participate in the targeted version of the Workplace Pride Employee Survey for non-members is  €1000.-. Participants receive their quantitative results and a written analysis and suggestions for improvement. 

Benefit 21
Q: Why is it helpful to do a presentation of the Workplace Pride employee survey results to the top management?
A: Presenting the targeted version of the Workplace Pride employee survey results to top management helps them to better understand the strategic implications for LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion and how they can interpret them for their own organisations. These presentations include detailed suggestions for improvements based upon Workplace Pride’s extensive experience in this area. 

Benefit 22
Q: How can we use Workplace Pride social media channels for promoting our LGBTIQ+ events?
A: We offer our members the opportunity to re-post already existing material and make use of our large social media network (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to help spread the word about their activities. 

Benefit 25
Q: NEW   How can we promote/share the good practices from our organization, in the NH online?
A: We offer our members the possibility to have specific dedicated articles highlighting their own best practices in the New Horizons online. The level of coverage depends upon the membership level. Final editing is the prerogative of Workplace Pride. 

Q: What type of help can you give for the New Horizons input?
A: Workplace Pride can provide a framework for the article as well as suggestions for the content, but we do not write the article itself. Final editing is the prerogative of Workplace Pride.

Benefit 26
Q: What is the added value of inviting the WPP chair to internal events?
A: The Workplace Pride Chair at Leiden University provides a scientific basis to the topic of LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion and adds additional impact to internal events. 

Benefit 27
Q: NEW  What is dedicated research sponsoring?
A: Going forward, Workplace Pride will focus on more in-depth content, such as white papers. This new benefit offers Leader-level members the opportunity to focus in-depth on LGBTIQ+ topics that are important to their organisation. Workplace Pride organises the actual research, writing, marketing and publication of the research.

Benefit 28
Q: Can you explain the different programs of Workplace Pride?
A: Dedicated programs for women, young LGBTIQ+ people and technically-focused LGBTIQ+ people have been developed to provide a group of liked-minded individuals to discuss topics of mutual interest. In 2020, Academia@Workplace Pride was added which focuses on LGBTIQ+ people from all backgrounds (faculty, staff and students). Each of these groups organise events throughout the year dedicated to their specific area of interest. 

Want to become a member of Workplace Pride? Then please contact us and one of our relationship managers will get back you.