Learning & Development

We are very excited to share some more information on this program which we are working very hard on to release by the end of the first quarter.

Although meaningful progress has been made for LGBTIQ+ people around the world, many LGBTQI+ employees face discrimination, harassment and discomfort in the workplace. For over a decade, Workplace Pride has been striving to push the boundaries of LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the workplace. Workplace Pride has decided to create a Learning and Development Program and share the valuable intelligence we’ve accumulated in the last 14 years. There are quite a few learning and development programs that promote diversity and inclusion in the marketplace. What’s unique about our program is the focus on LGBTIQ+ inclusion based on our data and experience.

Our objectives: 

  • Share the intelligence Workplace Pride has accumulated.
  • Promote LGBTIQ+ inclusion within organizations.
  • Encourage participants to become catalysts for LGBTIQ+ inclusion

With that in mind, we have created 5 packages with 10 modules. Each package has 2 modules depending on the progress of LGBTIQ+ inclusion within the organization. We are working very hard on finalising the full program by the end of the first quarter and hope to launch a number of modules ahead time.