Workplace Pride Global Benchmark

The Workplace Pride Global Benchmark is an online tool designed to measure the LGBTIQ+ policies and practices for internationally active employers. Created in 2014, The Global Benchmark addresses the needs of organisations who are faced with implementing global D&I and LGBTIQ+ policies in countries where obstacles such as legal frameworks or cultural norms make it hard to do so.

Global Benchmark Online Registration

The Global Benchmark:

  • Gives participants individual, custom-made overview of their organisations’ LGBTIQ+ policies and practices
  • Suggests practical improvements to policies and practices
  • Highlights how organisations score among their peers
  • Awards a “Workplace Pride Global Benchmark Endorsement” for top-scoring organisations
  • Is the go-to measurement tool of LGBTIQ+ policies and practices for internationally-active employers

Individual Results:

We will take approximately 90 days to process your submission and create your individual report by the end of August. You will receive customised results with specific suggestions for improvement.

Free for Workplace Pride Members

The registration is free of charge to all Workplace Pride members.
Non-members participants pay an administrative fee of €1000.- excl. VAT.

Process Overview

Important deadlines:

  • The Global Benchmark 2021 opens February 1, 2022
  • The Global Benchmark 2021 closes April 22, 2022