Communities Overview


The Workplace Pride Communities are initiated and supported by the Workplace Pride Foundation and they come together to focus on a topic or area that is relevant to LGBTIQ+ employees.  Participating in a Community provides an opportunity for employees of Workplace Pride members & others to engage, to show leadership, to make a difference, and to collaborate with other Workplace Pride member organisations and the LGBTIQ+ community at large.

Main goals & opportunities:

  • Develop and demonstrate leadership
  • Generate and share knowledge 
  • Build strong relationships through networking
  • Empower and support Community members in the workplace- making them visible and helping their voices be heard. 
  • Mentorship on becoming an integral part of every level in the Workplace Pride organisation
  • Support organisations in their LGBTIQ+ awareness efforts


  • Organise at least two events a year on a topic that is important to the members of the specific community.
  • Conduct work visits to exchange information and create awareness
  • Present developments and community-specific topics and information at the Workplace Pride International Conference and Leadership Awards Gala.
  • Organise intersectional discussions between the Communities to learn from and strengthen each other