Communities Overview

In general:

The Workplace Pride Communities are initiated and supported by the Workplace Pride Foundation and they come together to focus on a topic or area that is relevant to LGBTIQ+ employees.  Participating in a Community provides an opportunity for employees of Workplace Pride members & others to engage, to show leadership, to make a difference, and to collaborate with other Workplace Pride member organisations and the LGBTIQ+ community at large.

Main goals & opportunities:

  • Develop and demonstrate leadership
  • Generate and share knowledge 
  • Build strong relationships through networking
  • Empower and support Community members in the workplace- making them visible and helping their voices be heard. 
  • Mentorship on becoming an integral part of every level in the Workplace Pride organisation
  • Support organizations in their LGBTIQ+ awareness efforts


  • Organise at least two events a year on a topic that is important to the members of the specific community.
  • Conduct work visits to exchange information and create awareness
  • Present developments and community-specific topics and information at the Workplace Pride International Conference and Leadership Awards Gala.
  • Organise intersectional discussions between the Communities to learn from and strengthen each other

Most Impactful Community Initiative Award ā€“ New Award Category at the WP gala in 2023:

It is important for the Communities to stay sharp and keep a critical eye on themselves. Therefore, starting in 2023, we will present an annual award for the most Impactful Initiative in the Communities. The healthy competition gives each Community an extra boost to think carefully about their activities and what they want to achieve. The Workplace Pride awards team will assess the various activities based on their impact on Workplace Pride members and how they help the Foundation to take further steps towards positive change.