In January 2017, Workplace Pride and Leiden University created the world’s first university professorship (Chair) dedicated exclusively to LGBTI workplace inclusion. The Workplace Pride Chair holder is Dr. Jojanneke van der Toorn. With the generous support of Foundation Member KPN, the 5-year duration of the Chair will take this topic to a new level of scientific scrutiny, benefiting employers, employees, the academic world and the LGBTI community alike.

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Previous studies which Workplace Pride has commissioned or has been involved in include:

  • The Business Case for Diversity in the Workplace: sexual orientation and gender identity: This practical look at how employers deal with LGBT inclusion shines a new light on cross-border opportunities: European Union, ECORYS.


  • Colorful Workplaces? LGBT Inclusive Multinational Businesses in Kenya: Region-specific study of how multinationals can be important change agents for LGBT inclusion in Kenya. HIVOS and Sullivan Marketing.


  • LGBT-Equality in the Global Workplace: Making the case for measurement of LGBT workplace inclusion on an international basis: University of Twente, Jos Boerties.


  • A Question of Trust: A study of how establishing trust in the workplace is the key to coming out: Dr. Ben Capell, ESADE Business School.


  • Talent to Change For: Examines how anxiety about coming out and a homophobic climate impact negatively on the performance and well-being of LGBT employees: The University of Groningen & Pro Firmus.


  • Lesbische, homoseksuele, biseksuele en transgenderwerknemers in het MKB: Thresholds to coming out at work play a significant role for both employers and employees. Nowhere is this more true than in Small & Medium sized enterprises.


  • Corporate LGBT Networks in the Netherlands: This study explores what LGBT networks can offer if managed as company resources. Lin McDevitt-Pugh.


  • Advantage of an LGBT-friendly Workflow for Dutch Business: Ground- breaking, early study of the advantages for businesses to operate sound diversity policies with LGBT as an important target group. Erasmus University, Rotterdam.


  • Structural Changes Organizations Can Implement to Provide Bisexual Employees with Visibility and Social Comfort By Skylar (H.O.) Leslie, Workplace Pride, Amsterdam, Netherlands.