TECH@Workplace Pride

TECH@WorkplacePride is a special program in which views, experiences and best practices are exchanges, and which increases the visibility of LGBTI people within the tech industry, with students, and society in general

Decades ago, it seemed that LGBT people simply did not choose for a career in technology. Now we know better: today we see many LGBT professionals working and contributing to the success in technology-based organizations.

Comparing this sector to others, we can see differences in cultural aspects like networking and interpersonal skills, and in success factors, which are changing rapidly as well. Traditional, hierarchical organizations are now replaced with ones that are network-based, and interpersonal skills and personal branding are becoming more and more important. This also means that remaining “safely” in the closet is more difficult.

TECH has been a focus in various workshops during Workplace Pride conferences, and in the 2016 Canal Pride in Amsterdam the boat “Building Diversity” made LGBT-professionals in the building industry very visible.

About one out of three Workplace Pride employers have a strong connection to technology, and we are sure that increased visibility for LGBT employees in technical roles will be rewarded and will strengthen our employers

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