Frequently Asked Questions and Guidance 

The Global Benchmark 2023 is now closed.


1. How should I enter all of my organisation’s information into the survey?

We recommend that you prepare your responses ahead of time before you enter them online. You received a PDF version of the survey questions when you are registered.

2. How do I access the online survey?

You receive a link to the survey via email. You will find a button in the email that will take you to the survey, which is unique to your organisation. Your survey is password protected and you will receive another email providing you with the password. Enter the password to access the online survey.

3. Can others access our online survey?

You can forward the email with the survey link to others in your organisation, but they will also need the password to access the online survey. The link in the email is unique to your organisation and your survey, so anyone using that link (with the password) will be able to update the survey responses. We highly recommend that you share the link and password with caution.

4. Can I start entering my organisation’s information and come back later to continue?

Yes, there is a Save/Exit button on the top right of each page to ensure that your progress is saved. However, in order to avoid issues, we strongly recommend that you prepare your responses ahead of time and then enter your online submission in one sitting.

5. How can I share my organisation’s submission with my internal stakeholders before it is finalised?

We will not begin the evaluation of your submission until you have marked question 46 indicating that you have completed your entry. As stated above, you can at any time forward the link and password for your survey to others to allow them to access it online. When you have finalised your submission (indicated by Q46), we will provide you with a pdf of your responses so that you can hold an internal review if required. You can also reach out to [email protected].

6. What is the ‘evidence’ that is required as a part of the Global Benchmark 2023?

The evidence is specific information that confirms a response to a question – for example, an extract of your workplace inclusion policy where LGBTIQ+ employees are called out, or a copy of the table of contents of your diversity training that shows the LGBTIQ+ specific modules that are included.

7. How do I know where evidence is required?

A left-pointing hand symbol next to the option text indicates that you must submit evidence if you have checked the corresponding box indicating this option. A right-pointing hand symbol next to the area allocated for the evidence to be provided indicates that evidence is required for the question as a whole.

8. How will evidence be evaluated?

Beginning in 2017, we have a panel of neutral experts that assess all submissions and bring additional scrutiny to the required evidence to support your submission.

9. How does evidence contribute to our score in the Global Benchmark?

Where evidence is required, you will only receive full points for that question or option if you submit evidence that clearly and succinctly supports the response. The panel of neutral experts reviews all evidence to determine if it fully supports the associated question or item.

10. How much detail do I need to provide as evidence?

There is no simple answer to this. Due to the large volume of evidence we receive, it is critical that the evidence you provide is succinct, but also clearly supportive of the specific question or item. Providing a large amount of text or information can impede the evaluation and increase the chance that the specific evidence may not be completely evaluated. It is in your best interest to provide evidence that is specific, clear, and as brief as possible.

11. How do I submit the supporting information or evidence?

So that we can place specific evidence with the appropriate question and make sure that you receive full credit for each response, please use the following file naming convention:

  • Use a separate file for each question requiring evidence
  • Name each of these files as follows: “your organisation_question_option_.doc” (eg. Citibank_Q22_option3.doc)
  • In the survey, enter this file name in the corresponding text box per question requiring evidence so we can identify which file refers to which question
  • Submit your evidence files via email to [email protected]. You may also, use WeTransfer if the files are too large to send as attachments.

12. Which questions from the survey have changed?

  • Societal Impact – a new section has been added to allow organizations to show how they are active beyond their organizational boundaries in helping drive positive change for the LGBTI community
  • Q36 – question remains the same but has moved into the new section Societal Impact
  • Q37 and Q38 – have been added in the new Section: Societal Impact

Six Useful Tips for a Complete Submission

#1: Show don’t just tell – The more evidence attached the less explanation needed. – With the attached evidence, it is easier for us to review and evaluate. Show proof of policy changes, add only screenshots of specific document sections or website forms; don’t attach complex documents. Evidence can be anything that helps visualise your events, campaigns, or policies such as:

  • Screenshots or images of documents
  • Event photos
  • Posters
  • Flyers, banners or collateral from campaigns
  • Social media posts
  • Video still images
  • Publications (pdfs)

#2: Be efficient 

-If you work in a team, choose one person to write the submission, having a specified role for the submission ensures proper completion of the form.

-Collect all evidence first, organise your content in subfolders and start the submission once you have all the information at hand and categorised.

#3: Compiling and submitting evidence

Option 1: Pdf method.

Collect all evidence and paste + identify each evidence piece on a page I.e Question 14a, 14b, 14c. Save a single pdf file with all evidence clearly labeled and ordered.

Option 2: Folder per sub-question method.

Best when working with a team of colleagues. Each one can collect and add evidence in specific folders that get compressed as a zip file and then sent to us. Create folders and subfolders matching the questions. I.e. Question 14> Folder 14a, 14b, 14c etc… Accepted file formats:

  • Pdf
  • Jpeg and PNG
  • Zip files ( single zip file for multi-folder deliveries)

#4: Keep evidence in a folder during the year  -Save all evidence during the year and collect it in a centralised folder. -This will make the reporting for next year much faster.

#5: Practical tips: -Use screenshot applications like Snip or google Chrome add Extensions -Split pdf with relevant data only. Avoid attaching complete reports and complex documents. -Extract the pages that contain the evidence and relevant content only.

#6: Keep in touch Contact us if you need clarification or further assistance with the Global Benchmark submission via [email protected]