Workplace Pride announces Global Benchmark 2022 results

Congratulations go to all of those organisations that have committed a great deal of time and effort into completing the Workplace Pride 2022 LGBTIQ+ Global Benchmark survey. Their work is a good indication of how organisations are more and more taking societal changes into account in their daily business and, specifically their relationships with the LGBTIQ+ community. 

Top scoring organisations are breaking new ground for LGBTIQ+ inclusion in their activities around the world and setting the tone for change beyond the workplace in society at large. These include: 

ADVOCATES: Top level achievement (90%+) for the 2022 results:

(in reverse alphabetical order)

SODEXO, RELX Elsevier, PwC Netherlands, IBM, Dow, Accenture

AMBASSADORS: Distinguished achievement (70%-90%) for the 2022 results:

(in reverse alphabetical order)

Unilever, Stantec Consulting, Shell plc, Palo Alto Networks, Nokia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, ING, Deloitte, Arcadis, Aegon

The Global Benchmark represents the ideal of LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion around the world and is designed to provide management the data to measure, and thereby improve, LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion in their organisations, wherever they are. Each participating organisation receives a detailed overview of their progress broken down into the following 8 categories: Policy & Communication, Employee Networks, Workplace Awareness, Support & Benefits, Inclusion & Engagement, Expertise & Monitoring, Business & Supplier Engagement, and Societal Impact.

For more detailed information, click here to view the full press release: 

Click here to view the detailed 2022 Global Benchmark report: