2023 Workplace Pride Impact Awards Nomination Short List

We are pleased to unveil the 2023 Workplace Pride Impact Awards Nomination Short List, shining a spotlight on exceptional contributions and accomplishments in the realm of workplace diversity and inclusion.

The culmination of this year’s journey will take place at the highly anticipated Impact Awards Gala, hosted at Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam on Friday, November 3rd, 2023. As we embark on the task of selecting our distinguished winners, we take pride in presenting the exceptional finalists below.

2023 Award Categories

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Network Award

This esteemed award pays tribute to the Workplace Pride member LGBTIQ+ network that has demonstrated remarkable involvement both within their organisation and in the broader community over the past year. Nominate a network that embodies unity, collaboration, and impactful engagement.

The Nominees are:

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Volunteer Award

Nominate an individual volunteer from a Workplace Pride member organisation who has shown exemplary dedication to fostering LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion. Whether through internal efforts or external outreach, this award celebrates those who go above and beyond to make a meaningful difference.

The Nominees are:

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Media Outreach Award

Celebrate the power of positive representation in the media. Nominate a Workplace Pride member who has effectively highlighted LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion through media channels, whether internal or external. Help us acknowledge those who contribute to shaping informed perspectives.

The Nominees are:

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Ally Award

Nominate the individual who has proven to be an extraordinary ally. This award recognises those who have made a significant impact both within their own organisation and externally, demonstrating unwavering support for inclusivity and understanding.

The Nominees are:

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Role Model Award

Honour the individuals who inspire positive change through their actions. Nominate those who lead by example and contribute to the creation of more LGBTIQ+ inclusive workplaces. Their leadership sets a path for others to follow.

The Nominees are:

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Members’ Choice – Game Changer Award

This distinguished award is all about recognising initiatives from among our members that ignite societal impact for the LGBTIQ+ community. Nominate projects or efforts that have the ability to move and activate people, leaving a lasting positive imprint.