“I am a new me” Webinar

10 June 2020

For the eighth episode in our “Keeping Member Connected” live webinar series, the theme was Transgender issues and how they affect people in the workplace and life in general.

To speak about the challenges and struggles of being Transgender is something many people are probably uncomfortable with.

However, Sophie from ING and Max from Aegon spoke in candid detail about their life experiences and interactions at work both in the past and present. They also addressed how COVID-19 is affecting health care in the Netherlands and the knock-on effects within the Transgender community currently.

With a live online audience from twenty-two countries, we heard very honestly human stories and heard Sophie and Max express frankly what their colleagues at work could do a little better and in fact, that these issues reach across to allies and even other sections of the LGBTI community.

To watch the webinar: view here