New Horizons Summer Edition is here!

31 July 2020

Workplace Pride members, allies and friends,

We are very proud to announce the launch of this year’s edition of our New Horizons magazine!

Our goals with this year’s edition in particular have been to stay the course, adapt and keep pushing for sharply relevant content from all sides through the prism of this magazine.

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats and in this case the tide hasn’t been a buoyant economy, but the stark realities of a pandemic on a truly global scale. Seeing beyond the virus as we try to cope, has given us an insight into the urgent need the LGBTI community has to remain in the dialogue as people feel the subtle erosion of existing inclusion in workplaces and societies around the world. The vision for this year’s edition was to broaden the scope of New Horizons to encompass Workplace Pride’s parallel course of expansion and adaption, as well as making it something you want to enjoy reading regardless!

There’s content chronicling our programming changes in 2020 and series of webinars culminating in our live Online Symposium with fascinating breakout sessions and speakers. The Open For Business city ratings highlighted Amsterdam as being the number one city in the world for economic competitiveness with a strong culture of LGBTI inclusivity.

Workplace Pride’s “Great Expectations: Envisioning a new decade of LGBTI workplace inclusion” theme explores the new decade and the challenges ahead of course the profound influence of the pandemic so far.

Professor Jojanneke Van der Toorn of Leiden University provided a fascinating article from on the “insidious” nature of heteronormative ideology which is a must-read. The United Nations LGBTI standards toolkit which has been receiving very positive feedback via our webinars and the Online Symposium is also heavily featured and provides tangible steps to tackling discrimination of LGBTI persons in the workplace and how to take action.

We can’t wait for you to get hold of the New Horizons Summer edition and look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

You can download this edition click on the PDF: