2023 Workplace Pride Impact Awards Gala and Award Categories

Nominations have now closed.

Nominations for the 10th annual 2023 Workplace Pride Impact Awards Gala is now closed!

This year’s ceremony will be held during the Impact Awards Gala at Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam on Friday, November 3rd, 2023. The commencement of the evening will feature the presentation of the Global Benchmark awards, followed by the Impact Awards throughout the night. Presented below are the award categories that symbolise the essence of advancement and fostering positive change:

2023 Award Categories

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Network Award

This esteemed award pays tribute to the Workplace Pride member LGBTIQ+ network that has demonstrated remarkable involvement both within their organisation and in the broader community over the past year. Nominate a network that embodies unity, collaboration, and impactful engagement.

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Volunteer Award

Nominate an individual volunteer from a Workplace Pride member organisation who has shown exemplary dedication to fostering LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion. Whether through internal efforts or external outreach, this award celebrates those who go above and beyond to make a meaningful difference.

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Media Outreach Award

Celebrate the power of positive representation in the media. Nominate a Workplace Pride member who has effectively highlighted LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion through media channels, whether internal or external. Help us acknowledge those who contribute to shaping informed perspectives.

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Ally Award

Nominate the individual who has proven to be an extraordinary ally. This award recognises those who have made a significant impact both within their own organisation and externally, demonstrating unwavering support for inclusivity and understanding.

LGBTIQ+ 2023 Role Model Award

Honour the individuals who inspire positive change through their actions. Nominate those who lead by example and contribute to the creation of more LGBTIQ+ inclusive workplaces. Their leadership sets a path for others to follow.

New Award
LGBTIQ+ 2023 Members’ Choice – Game Changer Award

This distinguished award is all about recognising initiatives from among our members that ignite societal impact for the LGBTIQ+ community. Nominate projects or efforts that have the ability to move and activate people, leaving a lasting positive imprint.
Your nominations play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of inclusivity and progress. We encourage you to put forth deserving candidates who embody the principles we hold dear.

Nomination Criteria: Celebrating Excellence and Inclusivity

In the spirit of fairness and transparency, the criteria for the Workplace Pride 2023 Impact Awards have been designed to ensure uniformity across all awards. We kindly request all nominating members to address each criterion in their submissions. These same criteria will be rigorously employed in the selection process to uphold transparency and integrity. Below you will find the criteria breakdown.

Impact (50%)

Nominees should vividly showcase the measurable and tangible significance of their contributions to either LGBTIQ+ or the broader LGBTIQ+ community. How has their endeavour made a substantial difference? Highlighting quantifiable outcomes is essential.

Visibility (30%)

Visibility serves as a barometer of influence. Nominations should shed light on how the nominee’s efforts were within their organisation and beyond. The extent to which their work transcends boundaries matters.

Courage (20%)

Nominate those who dared to challenge the status quo. Highlight the extent to which nominees pushed existing boundaries to achieve their goals. Courageous actions often pave the way for groundbreaking change.


1. Submitting Nominations (30 Aug – 29 Sep) 

Any individual or grouping from Workplace Pride member organisations can submit nominations (including for yourself!) via the link below. Submissions not adhering to this format will not be considered. Submissions must be received by 29 September 2023 at midnight.

2. Selection Process 

Three nominees from each category that best fit the established criteria (above) will be pre-selected by a jury consisting of Workplace Pride Communities’ representatives and published on the Workplace Pride website. The LGBTIQ+ 2023 Members Choice – Game Changer Award will be voted on by the members after the nominations have been received.

3. Announcement Winners

The winners will be selected by Workplace Pride Advisory Board Members and be announced at the Impact Awards Gala at Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam on Friday, November 3rd, 2023

Submission Deadline

All nominations must be received by 29 September 2023 at midnight. This deadline ensures that every deserving candidate gets their rightful chance to be recognised