Taiwan Conference – Trailblazing LGBTI Workplace inclusion in Asia – October 27th 2020

EY Taipei 9/F, No. 333, Sec.1 Keelung Road,TWTC International Trade Building, Taipei City

Same-sex marriage is now a fact in Taiwan. As the first nation in Asia to take this step, what are the implications for the workplace and how does this fit into the bigger picture of Diversity and Inclusion? How should multinationals, local companies, as well as government and non-for-profit organizations active in the country engage […]

There is Always a Rainbow in the Cloud hosted by Tech@WorkplacePride

Every year, the Tech@WorkplacePride programme organises an event from a different city in the Netherlands. After Delft, Eindhoven and Enschede it is now Groningen's turn to organise this Tech@WorkplacePride event. The guiding theme of the 2020 Groningen edition is Data Ethics, which refers to a code or behaviour and adherence to the principles and values on which […]

Academia@WorkplacePride Webinar

We are pleased to invite you to the Academia@WorkplacePride live webinar in our “Keeping Members Connected” series on Monday November 23rdat noon CEST. The topic of academia and the inherent challenges for LGBTI persons studying or working within its many layers, is an area sorely in need of attention and discussion. After the inaugural webinar on the […]

Workplace Pride 2020 Annual Members Meeting

This has been a tumultuous year for all of us: from dealing with the global pandemic to unprecedented changes to the social interaction in society. Of course this has also had a big impact for the LGBTI community and for Workplace Pride.  To review how this year has affected the Foundation and to get a […]


IQMF was founded in 2015 in Amsterdam and is a festival for queer & migrant related films as well as a multi-disciplinary community space with art exhibitions, workshops, talks and the international talent programme IQMF Academy, all contributing to a diverse and inclusive society.

Workplace Pride Newsletter First Edition 2021

January 14, 2021 There’s no denying that 2020 was a historic year of flux and profound change in society and 2021 looks to continue this trend. Despite the underlying causes of these changes, there’s still significant potential for the LGBTIQ+ community to adapt and harness our strength. As you can read in our 1st newsletter of the […]

Workplace Pride Webinar: Introduction of LGBTIQ+ acronym

Workplace Pride has decided to expand our descriptive acronym from LGBTI to LGBTIQ+ Are acronyms a necessary evil? Will they keep expanding?  For Workplace Pride, the “Q" in Queer has many facets which play out differently across generations. How can we get those who feel the historical stigma around the term to change their minds? For […]

Global Benchmark Open

The Workplace Pride Global Benchmark is an online tool designed to measure the LGBTIQ+ policies and practices for internationally active employers. Created in 2014, The Global Benchmark addresses the needs of organisations who are faced with implementing global D&I and LGBTIQ+ policies in countries where obstacles such as legal frameworks or cultural norms make it […]

Rainbow Families Webinar

Our aim is to introduce Workplace Pride’s international member base and friends to the existence of “Rainbow families”. Shedding light and ideas about how rainbow families are constructed. The speakers will discuss the inherent issues and complexities, as well as how these could affect employment (and conditions). We hope to inspire Workplace Pride’s members and […]

TEDDY AWARD at the International Film Festival in Berlin

The TEDDY AWARD is a societal engaged political award, which is given to films and people, that communicate queer themes and content on a large scale and contribute with this to more tolerance, acceptance, solidarity, and equality in society. The TEDDY AWARD has with this not only cultural importance. As long as queer life is […]