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REGISTER FOR THE ONLINE EVENT Unfortunately due to the Dutch government’s new COVID restrictions and circumstances beyond our control, we are sadly unable to have a physical event. However, there still will be an opportunity to attend the event virtually via a Zoom link. The Annual Members Meeting will be ONLINE only.  With the global […]


 PURPLE FRIDAY – ONLINE - BREAKFAST SESSION   To kick off Purple Friday 2021 strongly, we would like to cordially invite you to a special breakfast session, organised by Academia@Workplace Pride and Student Pride.  Purple Friday is a day on which pupils and students can show their solidarity with LGBTIQ+ people by wearing the colour purple […]

Workplace Pride Launches 2022 Global Benchmark Survey

We are pleased to announce that the 8th edition of our Global Benchmark Survey is officially open for registrations from February 1st until April 22nd. Are you looking for a way to measure, manage and report on your LGBTIQ+ policies and practices?  Created in 2014, the Workplace Pride Global Benchmark was designed to measure the […]

Workplace Pride Corporate Advocacy for LGBT+ Rights Webinar

For years businesses have been coming to terms with the fact that their presence and activities around the world have an increasingly visible impact in the communities where they work. This comes with a responsibility to their own employees, as well as to the local legislative and cultural environment; including LGBT+ people. In the wake […]


International Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender movements have been increasing over the past few generations because of the biases that some people would assume about the transgender community. While there are holidays commemorating transgender people who have suffered, International Transgender Day of Visibility focuses on more of the positive aspects of what being transgender means and takes direct action in […]

DUBAI: A Vision for Diversity and Workplace Inclusion

Creating workplaces where everyone can be themselves is a priority for modern businesses around the world. People that feel included and have a sense of belonging at their places of work are more productive, better team players, and make a greater contribution. They are less likely to be ill or need to be replaced, all […]


Lesbian Day of Visibility

Visibility takes on a different meaning in these times. Visibility can be writing a blog post. It could also mean reading an article and taking in its points—but it doesn’t have to mean sharing it. Visibility can be checking in with friends. Visibility can be reaching out to LGBT groups, joining a webinar, participating in […]


The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is observed on May 17 and aims to coordinate international events that raise awareness of LGBT rights violations and stimulate interest in LGBT rights work worldwide. By 2016, the commemorations had taken place in 132 countries across the globe

LGBTIQ+ Employee Resource Groups: Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities

While organisational attention to the topics of workplace equality and inclusion has increased, some social groups are still disadvantaged. To support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Queer (LGBTIQ+) employees at work, many organisations have LGBTIQ+ employee resource groups (ERGs). These groups are uniquely placed to provide a safe space for LGBTIQ+ employees, facilitate alliances […]

Harvey Milk Day

The struggle faced by the LGBTQ community has been going on for generations in this country, and for thousands of years around the world.  Harvey Milk was one of the heroes of that struggle, being the first official to be elected that was openly gay in California.  While he was assassinated he accomplished important steps […]