Historic Ruling Against LGBTI Workplace Discrimination

16 June 2020

Susan Walsh/AP
Photography: Susan Walsh/AP

Workplace Pride is absolutely delighted with the USA Supreme Court ruling that LGBTI people can no longer be discriminated against in the workplace in the United States. This 6 to 3 ruling is both groundbreaking and historic and will have far-reaching implications around the world; particularly in those countries and regions of the world that have relied on populism to support homophobia, biphobia and transphobia – even in the workplace. 

While probably a coincidence with the Black Live Matters events and the emerging ‘civil rights movement version 2” , the timing of this ruling really could not be more significant.” said David Pollard, Executive Director of Workplace Pride Foundation. “It is a clear signal that LGBTI people, along with people of colour, and anyone else who feels marginalised, has a fundamental human right to be respected in society and treated as equals in the workplace”.

In the greater context of LGBTI workplace inclusion this ruling shows that, at least in the USA, the largest marketplace in the world, employers now have all the tools at hand to create workplaces that are truly inclusive and based on merit; not the colour of a person’s skin, identity, physical ability, gender or, indeed who they love. 

Workplace Pride encourages all employers to now apply this same level of inclusion  for LGBTI people in all of their activities around the world. Where they encounter resistance due to colonial-era laws or claims of ‘cultural inappropriateness’, it will be useful to remember that these, often antiquated concepts are now being universally challenged. It is also useful to remember that the LGBTI community and our many allies, (including investors as this Bloomberg article refers to) will always be mindful of those organisation who are supportive. 

Finally, for Workplace Pride, our members, and our many friends and colleagues in the LGBTI community this is a validation that we are on the right track with our efforts. But it is also a reminder that there are still many places around the globe where LGBTI people cannot be themselves. It is our hope that this ruling will empower all employers to take a good hard look at where we are and where we all still need to go…together!

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